Hi. My name is Tatjana Mustac and I am a native of Queens, NY. I am a PreMedical student at Queens College, CUNY. I have Celiac Disease and I am a College Ambassador with Nima. I enjoy exploring and trying new restaurants with my Nima Sensor. As per my diet, I am: gluten free, dairy free and plant based for the most part. However, when going out to eat, I enjoy different meals as long as they are Celiac safe.

In this #nimatested guide, I explored one of the few dedicated gluten-free bakeries in Croatia: RICA. Enjoy!

RICA Gluten-Free

Location: Ul. Giuseppea Verdia 3b, 51410, Rijeka, Croatia

Review: Upon visiting RICA, I fell in love and so did my Nima! RICA easily is one of the best gluten-free bakeries I’ve been to. I wish they opened a location in NYC!

Some photos of the RICA and their gluten-free goodies!


Burek sa sirom is a Croatian pastry filled with layers of phyllo dough and cheese. Since being diagnosed with celiac disease, I have not been able to find a gluten-free version of burek until coming to RICA. It was amazing! I absolutely cannot wait to come back.