Dr. Kaartik Soota is a gastroenterologist. His career path was inspired by his diagnosis of celiac disease. He was an early adopter of Nima and has been using it for almost 2.5 years now. He also recommends the device to his celiac patients, but to do so, he had to use the device and trust the performance through his own experience first. 


The Challenges of Staying Truly Gluten-Free

Dr. Soota was inspired to find a food testing solutions when he started developing some acute abdominal pain and other acute GI issues, symptomatic of his celiac disease. He was eating at home 90% of the time and was able to control his kitchen, so everything at home was gluten-free. He assumed the exposure to gluten was happening when he was eating out.

He talked to the chief gastroenterologist at his practice who advised that most people, even on gluten-free diets, are getting exposed to gluten especially when they were eating out. Dr. Soota was inspired to control his symptoms through better adherence to diet and stumbled upon Nima when looking at solutions on Google. Nima had been on the market for about 6 months when he started using it.


“I was skeptical of Nima before I started using it"

Skeptical at First

He was skeptical at first. In his words, “most doctors are always skeptical.” There was no peer-reviewed data that often takes multiple years for validating a new technology in the field of medicine (peer-review is the evaluation of scientific, academic, or professional work by others working in the same field). Also, he didn’t know anyone else who had used it given the recency of Nima’s market availability. Given the challenges of eating out, staying social and staying healthy with celiac disease, he decided to purchase Nima and give it a shot. And, based on his own experience, it worked and worked well! 

He first validated if it worked by testing foods that he thought made him sick. Sure enough, those foods were sampling positive for gluten by Nima. Dr. Soota also started testing regularly when eating out and ordering what he thought were gluten-free items at restaurants. He was shocked to find that almost 70% of those foods would come back positive for gluten from his testing. He noticed how rampant cross-contamination could be. He even used Nima at his mom’s house, when she prepared him a gluten-free meal but in a kitchen that also prepared gluten foods, and the meal sampled by Nima came back positive for gluten.

“Nima has changed my life”

Nima has helped him maintain a gluten-free diet while also being able to travel and eat out occasionally with more peace of mind. 

One of his most memorable events of using Nima was when he was able to eat Maggi noodles. Maggi noodles are a kind of ramen noodles available in India and were his favorite comfort food while growing up in India. These noodles are made of refined wheat flour but the spices used to make the complete meal of Maggi noodles are gluten-free. The same spices when added to gluten-free ramen noodles provide the exact taste as traditional Maggi noodles. He had never tried these spices until he tested them with Nima. Now he happily makes his version of Maggi noodles and indulges in them happily reliving the good old childhood days. 

He said, “Nima has changed my life” and for this, he recommends the device to all his patients who struggle to stay gluten-free.


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