Olivia is a Nima College Ambassador and celiac warrior studying Computer Science at Harvard University. While only recently diagnosed with celiac disease, Olivia is determined to advocate for her health and gluten-free lifestyle with Nima. 


When I first considered taking a trip to Rome, I was sure that food would be a nightmare. How was I supposed to navigate the city of pizza and pasta on a gluten-free diet? But, after doing a little research, I was so excited to find that Rome is an incredibly celiac-friendly city. So many restaurants were certified by the Italian Celiac Association (AIC): I found 100% gluten-free gelaterias, restaurants with dedicated pizza ovens, and tons of amazing pasta. I could not recommend these restaurants enough, and I hope to head back one day. Check out these gluten-free restaurants I tested with Nima and what the results came back with!


La Soffitta Renovatio, Piazza del Risorgimento

Roma, Italy

#nimatested Dish: Arancini and Carbonara

Notes: This AIC-accredited restaurant was right near the Vatican, and we ate here on our first night. I was still nervous, but every item came back safe. Practically every single item could be made gluten-free. The wait staff were super well educated about Celiac, which was extremely comforting. All gluten-free meals are prepared in a separate area and are served with little flags in order to indicate which dishes are which. I ordered pasta, but the real star here were the pizzas. We got a pizza base to start (as well as some arancini) and it was delicious! Truly, some of the best gluten-free bread that I have eaten. I was absolutely blown away by La Soffitta Renovatio. This was an amazing way to start our trip.

Results: Both smiles!


Mama Eat, Via di S. Cosimato

Roma, Italy

#nimatested Dish: Arancini and pizza

Notes: This restaurant was SUCH a treat. I still see the 25cm (!!!) pistachio arancini in my dreams. The menu had so many options that I barely knew where to start. Mama Eat is AIC accredited and has a gluten-free kitchen, as well as a regular kitchen, which meant that my partner and I could both eat there happily. Gluten-free dishes were served on clear plates, in order to differentiate them. This was my favorite place in Rome: the arancini was amazingly flavorful, and the pizza was amazing. It looked too good to be true. The wait staff was astonishingly kind, and reassured me that they had a separate pizza oven and dedicated fryer. I wish that all restaurants could be like this.

Results: Both Smiles!


Risotteria Melotti Roma

Via della Vetrina, Roma, Italy

#nimatested Dish: Cacio e Pepe Risotto

Notes: I always love finding restaurants that just happen to be gluten free. Risotteria Melotti specializes in rice-based dishes. So, without even telling them that you are gluten-free, you will be served a rice-flour based focaccia and asked to choose from a menu of gluten-free dishes. I absolutely loved this restaurant. I got the cacio e pepe risotto, which was tasty, but the real winner was the “typical risotto from Verona.” Overall, this was an amazing meal, and it felt so wonderful to know that everything on the menu was safe for me to eat.

Results: Smile!


Voglia di Pizza
Via dei Giubbonari, Roma, Italy

#nimatested Dish: Bruschetta and Spaghetti Arrabiatta

Notes: This wasn’t my favorite meal – the food was somewhat bland and forgettable. But Rome was on a real winning streak regardless. I was given a gluten-free menu, and both dishes came back safe. The gluten-free pasta was tasty! Overall, this AIC-accredited restaurant won me over given how centrally located it was. It was a short walk from the Piazza Navona, and I felt really lucky to have such a convenient option.

Results: Smile!


Porto di Ripetta
Via di Ripetta, Roma, Italy

#nimatested Dish: Spaghetti with Ragú

Notes: This restaurant wasn’t certified, but I was still hugely impressed. I said the word celiac, and the waiter immediately went to the kitchen to let them know. You can see their beautiful homemade pasta in the back of this photo, but I could not have been happier with my gluten-free version. This was a really quaint restaurant, and I was so appreciative of how utterly accommodating they were. They also had tasty gluten-free rolls!

Results: Smile!


Salumeria Con Cucina Roscioli
Via dei Giubbonari, Roma, Italy

#nimatested Dish: Pasta Carbonara, GF toast and mortadella

Notes: It was pretty disappointing to find gluten in one of our dishes on our last night in Rome. I had booked this restaurant and called ahead, because I had read wonderful things online. The starters were incredible, some of the best food that we had all week. Their meats and cheese were absolutely amazing, and they brought me gluten-free bread. However, the main came back positive for gluten. I mentioned this to the manager, who was extremely apologetic, and promised to overhaul the kitchen layout in order to minimize chances of future cross-contamination. It sucks to not be able to eat sometimes, but I was glad to feel safe.


Results: 1 smile, 1 gluten found



*An enormous shout out to this article (https://www.roadaffair.com/gluten-free-rome/) and this article (https://glutenfreecuppatea.co.uk/2019/03/12/gluten-free-rome-guide/) which convinced me that GF Rome would not only be possible, but thoroughly enjoyable.


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