What's happens when my Nima Sensor detects gluten?  

One question I always get from people is, “What happens when my Nima Sensor detects gluten?” My simple answer to that question is always to speak with the restaurant. I hope this guide will help you make this conversation a little less awkward!

1. Explain Nima Sensor 

From my experiences, many restaurants have gotten upset with the fact that the Nima Sensor exists and provided a result they do not want to hear. These restaurants have had a tendency of believing that the Nima is inaccurate to cover up for their problem. On the other hand, I have been to restaurants where the restaurant is thankful I informed them about the Nima. Unfortunately, the reaction of the restaurant could go either way but, that should not stop you from sharing the truth.

2. Retest with another capsule

In the past when restaurant staff have been surprised or upset with the Nima result, they have requested me to test other food in their kitchen. I have noticed they try to do this to argue that the Nima Sensor isn’t accurate or to argue that their kitchen is safe. If you encounter this, remember that you do not have to test another capsule simply because you were told to.

gluten-free girl scout cookies in Nima capsule

3. Request another meal if Nima detects gluten

In the past, the restaurants who have responded positively to the Nima Sensor result usually have offered to provide me with another meal. If you decide to get another meal, choose dishes that are naturally gluten free on the menu and hopefully, the Nima finds it free of gluten. 

4. Don’t waste the meal!

Unfortunately, I have found gluten in quite a bit of meals at restaurants I have reviewed. With these meals, I give them to friends or family that do not have celiac disease and can eat gluten. It sucks that I had to pay for something I couldn’t have but at least someone can still have it and it isn’t going to waste!

5. Write a Review on the Nima App

Lastly, remember to review your experience online with others. Share the results with the rest of the Nima users on the Nima App. You can also keep a record of all your test results in the app. This will come in handy if you encounter errors or want to know the accuracy of a test result since the Nima team can look into those results for you!

Another app I frequently use for finding gluten-free restaurants is “Find Me Gluten Free!” A rule of thumb with Find Me Gluten Free and every other review style website is to take what others say with a grain of salt, for example:

If someone with a preference of eating gluten-free says something is safe for people with celiac disease, is it really safe?

When the review was posted: If someone said a restaurant was safe one year ago, is it still safe?

How many reviews a place has: If one person reviewed a place as safe, is it really safe?

Hi. My name is Tatjana Mustac and I am a native of Queens, NY. I am a PreMedical student at Queens College, CUNY. I have celiac disease and I am a College Ambassador with Nima. I enjoy exploring and trying new restaurants with my Nima Sensor. As per my diet, I am: gluten free, dairy free and plant based for the most part. However, when going out to eat, I enjoy different meals as long as they are celiac safe.
Tatjana Mustac
College Ambassador