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Find out the best #nimatested places, how other community members manage their allergies, and more.

Gluten-free Outback Steakhouse

This Australian-themed restaurant chain is a popular choice for testing among the Nima community, and recently made it into the top 8 most GF friendly restaurants. This report aggregates all Outback tests. It’s another data point to help you make the best decisions...

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Gluten-free Chipotle: A #nimatested report

Photo Credit: Brian SchulmanChipotle is an extremely popular Mexican food restaurant chain in the U.S. With locations nationwide, it’s a popular choice for testing with our Nima community members. This report aggregates all Chipotle tests. It’s another data point to...

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Gluten-free Sauces: #nimatested report

With so many different kinds of sauces available in stores, it can be hard to know which ones are really gluten-free. We aggregated all the sauce test results from the community data to see which are most popular and #nimatested.Overall Test Result Summary #nimatested...

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