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Find out the best #nimatested places, how other community members manage their allergies, and more.

Tips for traveling with a special diet

We’re well into the season for holiday travel, so we asked our Nima community members to share their positive (and negative) travel stories* and any advice they might have for anyone traveling with a special diet. We opened up these questions to the whole Nima...

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Nima is home for the holidays

With Christmas around the corner, we get inspired by all the stories we hear from our community surviving the holidays with special diets. We’re excited when we hear how Nima will make staying healthy over the holidays even easier, and we love seeing Nima being gifted...

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Tips for Flying with Peanut Allergies

Traveling to visit family or simply for pleasure can be stressful for those who have peanut allergies. Each airline has its own policies and aren't required to be enforced consistently. We've gathered some tips for how to be proactive before your trip to ensure a safe...

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