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Support Celiac Disease Awareness Month with Nima

Does your tummy do a happy somersault when you find a dedicated gluten-free kitchen? Were you jumping for joy when a national chain like Starbucks launched a gluten-free breakfast sandwich that came in its own toaster bag? If you’ve had moments like these, you may...

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5 Gluten-free Grains You Should Know

Today there are a lot of varieties of gluten-free grains available. We recently spotlighted several gluten-free flours, but what exactly are the grains these flours are made from, where do they come from, and why do cooks and companies rely on them to create...

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Gluten-Free Snacks for Kids Get #nimatested

With kids, one thing is certain: they EAT, and if your kids need gluten-free snacks for after school time or to pack in their lunches, parents today have a lot of options. There is an ever-growing list of brands and companies with widely marketed gluten-free snacks...

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