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Find out the best #nimatested places, how other community members manage their allergies, and more.

Winter Gluten-free Snacks Roundup: Feb 2017

Afternoons at Nima HQ typically bring a 3 o'clock snack attack, and since we try to keep our kitchen as gluten-free as possible for our team members with food intolerances, we're always on the hunt for new gluten-free snacks. We found and tested some new gluten-free...

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Gluten-Free Candy: Nima Goes to the Movies

The Nima office is abuzz discussing our 2016 film favorites for the best picture honor at the Oscars this weekend. We're cramming in the films we haven't seen yet before the red carpet rolls out on Sunday, and a day at the movies isn't complete without gluten-free...

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Be Our Valentine. A free gift for you.

I feel like I just finished Christmas shopping, and it’s already Valentine’s Day! Anyone else wondering where the first month of 2017 has gone? I know many people debate the merits of Valentine’s Day, but from experience, I think it’s always better to be prepared than...

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Breaking Bread: Facebook Live with Torrey

We continue our Breaking Bread series with a special live interview edition. As part of our #Nimaday celebrations, we invited community member Torrey to join Shireen on Facebook Live, which aired on January 26. You can watch the full video here. (Interview starts from...

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