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Find out the best #nimatested places, how other community members manage their allergies, and more.

How Big is Nima, the portable food tester?

How big is Nima? People often ask us how large our portable food tester is then are surprised when we show it to them. It's always smaller than what they had imagined. For the promise it holds, which seems so large, it's almost hard to imagine that a device this small...

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Who Avoids Gluten?

In August 2015, Nima and Black Fig Research conducted a study with people who avoid gluten to learn more about the things they avoid and their attitudes toward dining outside the home. We compared two groups of people: those who have someone in the house with celiac...

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Nima Wins 2015 Gold Stevie® Award

We are honored to announce that Nima has been named the winner of a Gold Stevie® Award in the Startup of the Year - Consumer Products category in the 12th annual Stevie Awards for Women in Business. Co-founder and CEO Shireen Yates also won a Silver Stevie® Award in...

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"This Column is Gluten Free": A Response

I used to be someone who never had to worry about food. I could eat anything and didn’t give mealtime a second thought. It’s easy to judge people when you are not plagued by food allergies or sensitivities, like Roger Cohen's "This Column is Gluten Free" does in The...

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reThink Food: Going Inside the Future of Food

I spent the last few days re-imagining the way we eat, cook, source and love food at reThink Food, a collaboration of the MIT Media Lab and the Culinary Institute of America. The MIT Media lab is a cross-discipline institution that exists to leverage technology to...

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Meet Nima's TECH Women Fellow

After our summer interns departed in August, the office was feeling a bit quiet. So, we are so happy to have Elizabeth Akinyi Ochola join Nima's chemistry team for the month as a 2015 TECH Women Fellow. Elizabeth hails from Kisumu, Kenya, where she is a research...

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