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How Much is Too Much Gluten?

  It's extremely hard to visualize how much is too much gluten for people with Celiac or any level of gluten sensitivity. Here's some visuals to help with that. A story in pictures: how much gluten is too much? A full cake: definitely too much gluten A slice of...

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Behind the Scenes at Nima

We recently took some good photographs of our work behind the scenes at Nima, where we are developing the portable allergen sensor you can use to test for gluten in food on the go. We thought you might enjoy this peek at what we're doing. The crumbs we aim to find!...

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Deciphering Food Labels

This is a guest post by Dr. Lama Rimawi, an advisor and friend to Nima. Last Monday was an exciting morning for the food allergy world. The latest study on peanut allergy showed eating peanuts in infancy could prevent food allergies. It was a complete reversal in the...

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Heck Yeah, We Test Ugly Prototypes

Nima is a big fan of “let’s test it.” We want to see how our product works in the hands of "real" people. By "real," we mean people who really need what we're building and who don't work for us. At the end of last year, one thing we really wanted to understand was our...

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Nima Named Edison Awards Finalist

Nima, the portable gluten sensor, has been named a 2016 Award Finalist by the internationally renowned Edison Awards™. The distinguished awards, inspired by Thomas Edison’s persistence and inventiveness, recognize innovation, creativity and ingenuity in the global...

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