Does Nima work? Members Share Their Nima Experiences

The question we often hear from people finding out about Nima is “Does it really work?”.

Yes Nima does really work, and it has been changing the lives of our community members! Take a look at what members are saying about using Nima. Here are snippets from our Breaking Bread Nima Member Story series:

Joe is a commercial airline pilot

does nima work - pilot Joe

“The flight crew I start a trip with is normally the same crew until the end of the trip. A customary activity for flight crews is to go out to dinner if they finish their work day early. I have never participated in this because of fear of eating gluten; I would stay in my hotel room and eat there. Since purchasing Nima, I went out with the crew for the first time on a Charleston, W.V. layover.”

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Joe’s father Doug, also has a Nima

does nima work - Joe and Doug

“With Nima, however, I frequently have a way to address much of the residual risk by testing a sample of the food on the plate. Using Nima in this fashion on the recent trip enabled me to eat a baked potato and beef at an airport, eggs from the hotel’s breakfast buffet, and barbecue at the museum’s restaurant. I would not have eaten any of that food without the Nima.”

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Allie is a pre-med student at Stanford University

Nima college experience with Allie

“When I eat out now, I have comfort and peace of mind. Nima has especially helped me enjoy my food more because if I get that smiley face, I can enjoy how it tastes instead of wondering if it’s going to make me feel terrible.”

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Allie’s mom shares her perspective about Nima


“Now that she has a Nima, she can venture forth much more as she eats out. Instead of relying on packaged certified foods or the frozen food from home, Allie can test and try restaurant food, supermarket food, and even go to someone’s house. Where before Nima she was always playing russian roulette, now she knows whether she can eat something or not. Plus once she orders and tests the food, if it’s a “no gluten found,” she can truly enjoy every bite. Nima has been a truly life changing method for our daughter.”

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Torrey is a busy mom of two

“I was traveling home with my family on the airplane. We stopped in the airport and gathered food to take on the plane to eat dinner. I had gone into a little cafe and had the normal conversation where I asked people what’s safe and this is my allergy and this is what I can and can’t eat, and they recommended some vegetarian chili. So I get my little chili to-go, which they told me was gluten-free. I take it on the plane, we take off and I go to eat my dinner. I figured I’d test it just to be sure and I got the the low gluten symbol.

does nima work - image of Torrey's chili that tested gluten found

“So relieved that I was not eating something on an airplane that was going to make me sick. Because what’s worse than being sick while you’re traveling especially when I had young children with me that I was trying to take care of. So I just feel really grateful.”

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Roman was able to successfully take a Gluten-free vacation with Nima

“During our vacation, I had an opportunity to test many different dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. This would include omelets and pancakes, sandwiches and burgers, pasta with meatballs, chicken and fish. While most dishes I tested came up negative for gluten, I did have one episode during which the test showed “gluten detected.” Obviously the food was sent back and while the restaurant conducted their investigation to find the source of the gluten, they couldn’t give me a clear answer where a possible contamination happened and only offered their apology, refund and an offer to create another dish. Had I not had Nima with me, my child would most definitely have gotten sick and our vacation would be ruined.”

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Jenny uses Nima to help guide her daughter Claire through sparse dining options

does nima work: Claire

“Unfortunately, there is nowhere for us to eat safely in our small town of 4,000 people. The understanding of the gluten-free diet doesn’t exist since Claire is one of only a handful of people locally that have celiac disease. We are fortunate to be near Pittsburgh and travel there frequently. There are a lot of options for gluten-free diets in Pittsburgh. Nima, however, has saved us a few times at restaurants that we thought were safe. Despite those findings, we feel more confident eating out than we did before because of Nima. It has and it will help us to find those places that we can trust and that will be our go-to restaurants. It takes out the guesswork especially since Claire is a silent celiac. Without Nima we wouldn’t necessarily know if she was glutened or not.”

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