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Nima Manifesto: Knowledge is Delicious

Food is love. It nourishes mind, body, and spirit.
Eating together brings us together.
Over meals we share our feelings, thoughts, plans, and dreams.

We know that food is essential to health and happiness. But we don’t always know what’s in our food.

And since every body is different, the food that nourishes one person might not work for another. Which, for some of us, can make meals a time of anxiety instead of sustenance.

At Nima, we’re here to remove anxiety from your plate.
With tools and information that lets you know if your food is safe for you.

We’re making the unknown, known.
Because in the profound and simple act of eating food, worry is one ingredient that doesn’t belong.

And we want a world where everyone feels like they have a place at the table.

Nima Values

The Nima company culture is based on five core values. If you want to be successful in a career at Nima, be prepared to embrace these fully. We help these live internally by using them in everything from job interviews, to evaluating completed projects. Our weekly kudos trophy is based on one of these five key Nima values.

Be Transparent

Everything we do is about transparency. We are more open than private. We like to provide logical reasons behind decisions and provide opportunities to question why certain decisions have been made. We believe transparency builds trust.

Be Curious

We started because we questioned the status quo. Why couldn’t people know exactly what’s in their food? We love when you question why things are a certain way and dream to make it better. If you face a roadblock, ask why until you are satisfied and don’t be easily satisfied.

Be Scientific

We value timely, informed decision making with the best data you have available at the time. It’s critical to close the loop and modify plans based on new information.

Be Entrepreneurial

We value a creative approach to finding a way through positive thinking and a growth mindset, especially with the pressure of limited time and resources. Obstacles are opportunities, we encourage people to be focused on solutions if something is blocking a path. Invest in our employees and reward great behavior and great results.

Be Nima

Team members believe knowledge is delicious and are driven to enable people to be healthy and happy by giving them the power to know what’s in their food. We collaborate as one team. We also value people who go beyond themselves, believe in the team and strive to be part of the solution.

More about Nima Careers

We’re seeking self-motivated individuals who are passionate about the mission of our company, and thrive with the demands of an early stage startup. Translation: you dream big, you work hard, and you have a really great attitude.

Our team was born out of MIT and is backed by some of the top consumer and hardware VCs including UpFront Ventures, SoftTech VC, Mitch Kapor, and Lemnos Labs. At Nima you will have the opportunity to help shape the future of our highly innovative consumer health product, be surrounded by top advisors and mentors in San Francisco, and work directly with the founding team.

And we’re growing! If you’re ready to change the world and be part of a kick-ass team that’s shipping life changing products to thousands of people, check out our job listings.