Nima Travel Tips: Going on the Road with Nima

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Whether for business or pleasure, if you’re going someplace new you want to enjoy your trip to the maximum. The Nima team has been traveling with our Nimas and capsules for a while now, and we have gathered travel tips for you as you hit the road with your gluten-free BFF.

Nima Travel Tips

Charge your device before you leave. Nima’s charge will last for about 30 tests, so if you’re gone for just a weekend you may not even need to bring a charger. But it’s always better to be safe than sorry, so make sure your Nima is charged before you get to the restaurant!

Keep capsules in their foil packs. Each capsule is packed in foil packs and alongside a desiccant packet to keep them dry and free contaminants. Since humidity harms the chemistry in the capsules, you will see an error message on the device if you use a capsule that has been out of its foil wrapper for too long.

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Make certain you have enough capsules. Estimate what you might need in advance. Several folks have told us they are more nervous about foods cooked for them by family members than at restaurants, so make certain you have enough capsules for the things you’ll want to test. (Please note, if you need capsules before you leave, make certain to order during the week, since Nima does not currently offer weekend shipping.)

Sync with the Nima app. You can look for Nima community reviews for restaurants as you travel, but don’t forget to share your own experiences! As the Nima community grows, you’ll also be able to do more research in advance of your trip to see which places have Nima scores.

Car Travel

Keep your capsules cool. If you’re driving or renting a car, be careful of letting capsules get too hot. Do not leave capsules stored inside a car during cold or hot days. If it’s too warm outside, the capsules may get overheated and not work, just when you need them most. If it’s too cold, capsules can freeze and cause errors.

Avoid extreme temperatures. If you’re driving or renting a car, be careful of letting capsules get too hot or too cold. Do not leave capsules stored inside a car during extreme cold or hot days. If it is too warm outside, the capsules may get overheated, and if it is too cold, the capsules may freeze. In either case, the capsules may not work well – and the device will report an error just when you need them most.

Recharge your device with a micro-USB. If you didn’t get the chance to charge your Nima, you can always charge with a car charger you use for your mobile phone, as long as it’s a micro-USB cable.

Air Travel

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Pack Nima (and capsules) in your carry-on luggage. Carrying electronics with you by hand is generally a better way to go. Also, the cabin has better climate control, to avoid overheating or freezing temperatures. To date, we have not had problems carrying Nima and capsules through airport security in the U.S. If you have issues going through the TSA, let us know.

Nima works up in the air! Lots of folks may be rushing through the airport to grab something to eat, but not get a chance to test until they sit on the plane. No worries, Nima will work in high elevations. Remember, you can’t sync with the app without Bluetooth turned on, and you can’t post a review without Wi-Fi. If airplane Wi-Fi is enabled, you’re good to go!

Travel by Boat

Be careful of extreme heat or cold. As with a car, be careful of letting capsules sit in the sun and keep them in the foil wrapper as long as you can.

It may be hard to see the screen in direct sunlight. If you’re using Nima outdoors, you may need to put your hand over the screen to see a result. Remember, if you miss the result, you can always double-click the button once Nima is turned on to see the last result again.

Make dining arrangements before you leave. Several Nima community members have gone on cruises and used their Nimas. Collectively, their advice has been to call the cruise line in advance and discuss your dietary needs since you’re more limited to the food provided on the boat. Your first day on board, speak again with the head chef and confirm options.

International Travel

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Bring a voltage adapter. Nima will work internationally such that you can run tests anywhere. You’ll just need to find an appropriate plug and adapter for your micro-USB cable to keep your Nima charged abroad, or use the USB port on your laptop.

Share your results on #nimatested. You will be able to sync your test results abroad, but you won’t be able to contribute any tests since international restaurants are not available in our database. Want to still share your international experience? Share on your social channels using #nimatested to tell the community all about it.

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Look out for soy sauce and download translation cards. If you’re headed somewhere where the residents don’t speak English, consider downloading food allergen translation cards so you can best communicate with wait staff about your dietary needs. And don’t forget to ask about hidden soy sauce!

Troubleshooting on the Road

Have a question while traveling? You can always contact our support team via chat or email or phone while you are on the road, during our operations hours.

Enjoy your travels and remember to share your experiences in the Nima app and on social media with #nimatested. We’d love to share your story on the Community Wall.