Peanut Community Member Stories

The Nima Peanut community is growing. Here’s what people are saying about the Nima Peanut Sensor!

“Aria is so enthusiastic about her Sensor that it’s been taken with her on our weekend adventures. This weekend we’re going camping and are so excited to have the device along for the trip. Thank YOU and the Nima team for putting the biggest smile on my child’s face by giving her the gift of freedom AND safety. ”
– Maria


Video Stories

Peanut community member Jeremy Scott talks about why his family ordered a Nima Peanut Sensor.


Nima community member Stephanie Labile talks about using her peanut and gluten sensors to protect her and her two daughters when dining out.


Posts from social media

I think pretty much my whole life, I’ve wanted a way to check foods for peanuts. 30 years in, after dozens of hospital visits, ambulance rides, and EpiPen injections, (even after asking if there were peanuts) I can now test my food before I eat it. Thanks @nimasensor!!” – Dustin Graves (@techboy2021)



“My #nimatested is here. I’m so excited to have another tool to help keep me safe”

The Nima App

The peanut tested reviews for restaurant dishes and packaged food items now show up in the Nima app.