Where Can I Use Nima? A Short List of Spots

The first time people hear about Nima they often wonder, where can I use it? Part of the question stems from the size of the device. Something so cool and helpful surely must be massive. As you can see, Nima fits in the palm of the hand.

Nima fits in the palm of your hand

Where can I use Nima: Nima in the palm of a hand

Nima is quite small, fitting into a pocket, small bag, or purse.

So where can I use Nima? Restaurants

Where can I use Nima: Restaurant photo testing fries

We see people using Nima everywhere, as you can tell from our Community Stories. Restaurants are a big place where people have questions about what they’re going to eat, and even after asking as many questions as possible, they still want an extra layer of data that Nima can provide.

Where can I use Nima? Out with friends

Where can I use Nima: Nima on table at Pizza Party

Many people have said, “but I don’t want to be the center of attention.” The great news about Nima is that it is small and discreet, so it isn’t super visible on a table.  Having Nima at the table has enabled positive meal time conversations about food identities and how technology creates more freedom when dining out for our customers.

Where can I use Nima? Traveling

Where can I use Nima? Travelling

Travel is one of those places where Nima makes sense. You’re away from home, you may or may not know local spots, and you’ve got lots of questions. As you investigate local options, Nima can go with you.

Where can I use Nima? At home for packaged foods

Where can I use Nima? Nima on a table with various ingredients

Use Nima to test food at home and keep your kitchen gluten-free. This could be a new packaged food item that has a gluten-free claim, but isn’t certified as gluten-free. It could be an item that doesn’t have any gluten listed, but they may be suspicious. It could be food produced on shared equipment. There are all sorts of prepared foods where people wonder – is it really gluten-free?

Where else can I use Nima?

Where can I use Nima? Wedding

There’s a long list of places, but here’s a few more for you:

  • Weddings and special events
  • Catered lunches or meals at the office
  • Meals prepared by a friend or family member who isn’t gluten-free
  • Potlucks
  • Hotel buffets

Where else would you like to be able to test?

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